Personalised, High Quality Teaching by teachers with proven track record of success

Excel iLearn Flex provides a Boost in Your Child’s GCSE or IGCSE Grades in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

– Proven Track Record of Success


Do you want a BOOST in your child's GCSE or A-level Grades in Core Academic Subjects?

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What is Excel iLearn Flex?

Personalised tutoring and support – tailor-made for each child, and delivered mainly online, in the convenience of your home – boosting their confidence and empowering them to thrive and achieve higher examination grades in core academic subjects. Enrol your child in a programme taught by dedicated teachers with a proven track record of success in enhancing GCSE performance in core academic subjects. You have nothing to lose. Take advantage of our free trial and see if it works for your child. Here is what Excel iLearn Flex offers your child:

  • Customised live video teaching one-to-one
  • Assessment practice questions
  • Marked work with meaningful written feedback.

This is the best way for your child to have a solid understanding, boosted confidence and a chance to pick up those extra ten, twenty or more marks in the exam. High quality tutoring at an affordable cost.


The Excel iLearn Maths course is explained here

The Flex is a personalised, one-to-one course.

Improve Exam Grades

Boost Your Child's Confidence

Benefits of joining Excel iLearn

The Excel iLearn Flex described above is a one-to-one teaching, online course. Two of the other popular programmes are: Saturday Classes during school term time and Intensive Revision during school holidays. The subjects we cover are: Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at both GCSE and A-level. In addition, we also cover History, Economics and Psychology for A-level. Below are the benefits of all our courses in general. 

  • An experts' organisation with a proven track record. We have been helping children improve their GCSE (or IGCSE) grades for 19 years. Your child will achieve the GCSE grades we predict or we give your money back!

  • Our teachers are highly experienced

    • They teach A-level and GCSE in the top schools and some are semi-retired
    • Many are examiners
    • They know the latest curriculum and have an excellent record of delivering high exam grades.

  • Our small class size ensures

    • Individual attention to each student within a small group setting
    • Accelerated learning with other high achieving teenagers who want to learn

  • Your child can also bring their problems from school or homework to get help.

  • We build your child's confidence

    • We constantly assess your child's performance with mock tests and provide you feedback
    • We help address weak areas and boost confidence

  • We have helped thousands of young people to achieve the top exam grades at GCSE and A-level. For the almost two decades that we have been around, so many teenagers have benefited from our courses and have gained admission to top universities.

*T&C apply. See our grade guarantee policy for more terms and conditions. This applies only to Saturday classes and is not available for short intensive revision courses.


For some of our courses, your child will achieve or exceed the grade we predict at Excel, or we will give you a full refund of your tuition fees for that subject.

That's how confident we are of our proven system.

Help your child achieve their full potential


Why Students and Parents Value Us

Mr De Bernier, parent of a former student

Nathaniel, former student at Excel

Israel, former student at Excel


We also run Saturday Classes during term time and Intensive Revision during school holidays – Christmas, Easter and Half Term.

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