How the Flex course works – More detail

After enrolling, an induction session (on a live video call) takes place to explain how the programme works, access to study material and expectations along with dates for the first couple or so lessons

The student attends lessons at the scheduled time, with the teacher introducing the topic and teaching it via live video presentation. This one-to-one interaction is a good opportunity for the student to ask questions.

After the lesson, the student has access to videos to help him/her gain a deeper understanding of each topic.

The student attempts questions and submits them for marking and feedback.

Marking is done by the teacher on the specific questions the student has done, and written feedback is provided. Questions are returned to the student 

The student attends the next lesson to progress on the course. At the start of each live video lesson, the student may also ask questions about the previous topic before the next topic is covered. This helps refresh their memory and improve understanding and long-term retention.