In2Med Partnership

Applying and getting into medical school is often quoted by many as the hardest part of your medical journey. Crafting a well-rounded personal statement, being tactful in choosing which medical schools you apply to and then acing the interview are essential parts of the application. Unfortunately, most schools have very little expertise in this field, which has meant that very able candidates struggle immensely when it comes to applying to medical school. This leads to greater levels of stress for students and parents, and sadly many students miss out.

To address this, we have partnered up with In2Med, an online medical portal which was created by two final year medical students at the University of Cambridge. They have created highly detailed online courses for the personal statement and interview course. Their project has been backed by the University of Cambridge and they received 10,000 pounds in funding from Santander to make their online portal.

If your child is interested in applying to medical school, we would definitely recommend their personal statement and interview course. They include hours worth of videos, booklets for you to print out and follow through and detailed lessons on how to find work experience, how to structure your writing, their own personal tips and tricks that enabled them to stand out and exemplar personal statements.

 In addition, we have managed to secure a unique 10% discount on all their courses for our customers. All you have to do is use the code EXCEL10 at checkout.

 Do check out the course at They are also running a free trial where all students can sample their course for free.

Getting into medical school remains one of the hardest tasks any student will face. And that is why we wanted to help make the process a bit easier for our students.

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