KS3 – Y9, Y8 & Y7

Subjects we offer at KS3 are: Maths, English & Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)

Our KS3 classes are mainly for Y9 and Y8 students. However, Y7 students who are strong academically are sometimes admitted.

In most good schools Y9 students start GCSE in Science subjects at least a year early. They start in Y9 instead of waiting until the official time of Y10.

The GCSE is a two-year course – Y10 and Y11. However, in science subjects, the GCSE course usually starts in the middle of Y9, and in fact much earlier in some schools.

Due to the nature of Mathematics, the pace at which students learn matters more than their age group. It is important that a student is taught according to their mathematical ability. More mathematically able students must be stretched, so they flourish in a set where they can be challenged. For those who are slower in learning Maths, their needs are better catered for in a set where they are able to build in confidence without feeling intimidated.

Teaching more able students in a Maths class that is a year or two above their age is the standard practice in many high performing schools.