• A tailor-made programme - personalised and focussed on what your child needs to know. Courses are delivered online - with access to teaching and learning resources
  • Private members' access to videos, power points, live webinars and PowerPoints, customised questions - with telephone/video support in addition
  • Curriculum customised to your child's specific examination board and delivered remotely. Material prepared by experienced and highly effective teachers
  • Regular assessed work that is set for your child; collected and marked - with feedback providedAQA GCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology - including Combined and Triple Science.



(These courses are currently designed for AQA GCSE in Science subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Biology - including Triple and Combined Science. Other subjects and exam boards will be available soon)

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"I was predicted a D in maths but I managed to prove teachers at my school wrong, and through the help I received at Excel I achieved an A*. The same goes for science:  I was hopeless in school, but thanks to Excel, I got an A."

How our unique programme works and what we will do for your child

We assess the needs of your child and after identifying what exactly he or she needs to know, we put him or her on a suitable programme. Depending on the level of your subscription, after an initial assessment, a programme is designed specifically for your child. Work is set regularly, collected, marked and returned to your child with feedback.

Whenever there is a need, either you or your son or daughter can contact us and ask for help at the critical times when he or she needs it. The problem they are trying to solve could involve a homework assignment or anything they have to complete for school and are still struggling to understand. An expert teacher who is a specialist in the subject will call back (usually by

telephone) and explain the work to them patiently - providing the boost in confidence that they need.

For our Gold Service, he or she will also be able to come to one of our tuition centres at key periods in the year. Here they will receive personalised one-to-one tuition, which focuses directly on his or her individual requirements. Being on the gold programme also means that there is a dedicated teacher for your child in that particular subject. Please see the subscription insert for full details of fees.

Our sister company - Excel in Key Subjects actually has a programme, which is higher than the gold - the platinum - called 'Bootcamp'.

Please contact us if you wish to find out more about this.

There are so many tuition services out there and you can get private tutors for a penny or less!
Why us? Why Excel iLearn?

Our vow - not to compromise on quality

You are quite right: yes, there is so much free material on the internet and in fact, you can get two teachers for a penny not just one!

Our experience suggests most don't really quite know what they are doing and their involvement will not make any significant difference to your child's examination grades.

Having the subject knowledge on its own isn't good enough. Excel iLearn is a sister company of Excel in Key Subjects, which has been a leading tuition provider for over a decade in this area.

Excel in Key Subjects is at the high end of extra tuition provision. It sets very high standards and has helped to improve examination grades of thousands of young people in London and South East England since the early years of this millennium. We have consistently delivered considerable improvements to examination results at GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2 level.

We have also helped many KS3 students to boost their knowledge and improve to a higher level. We realised that our popular programme of Saturday School and Intensive Revision is not suited to everyone.

The following are some of the reasons why: some people live too far away from our centres; football, rugby, ballet, music and other commitments occupy students' time on Saturdays; family holiday during school holidays makes it difficult for some to attend the intensive revision.

These are some of the reasons why we have set up Excel iLearn, which is just as committed to supporting aspirational students and parents in their quest to achieve beyond mediocrity and get a lot more out of the education system.

Compromising on quality is not an option for us.

Step by step to achieving excellence
How the programme


Step 1 - Complete an initial application form so that we have the necessary information about your child and his or her current situation. For Gold subscription you can book an appointment with an education consultant at one of our centres. You can also book the assessment date for your child. We offer up to two consultations - one before and the other after your child has been assessed. One is by phone and for the other, you have a choice between a telephone or a visit to one of our centres. The test to be sat by your child has to be taken under examination conditions and has to be at one of our approved centres. Our consultation is a separate standalone service. It is included as part of the gold package but can also be combined with either the Bronze or the Silver subscription.


Step 2 - Once we have confirmed your enrolment, we will send you a full welcome pack which will include a list of the dates for remote online seminars and also dates on which you should expect to receive assignments in the post, deadline for submission, marking and feedback by the teacher. We will also send you a student handbook, a parent's handbook, our terms and a small gift.


Step 3 - Welcome on board and your child starts to enjoy the following:


  1. A prescheduled online seminar for your child. You will receive a special invitation by e-mail each month - the click of a link in this e-mail will take you via a download of 'Go-to-Webinar' to a live seminar where the lesson is being delivered. Most basic computers are sufficient to connect to the webinars. There will be a question and answer session at the end of each seminar and in addition, students will be able to access a dedicated area to post questions for the teacher. Questions will usually be answered within 24 to 48 hours. The invitation e-mail will be sent to both the parent and the student one week before each seminar. A reminder will also be sent a couple of hours or so before each seminar starts. For your peace of mind all seminars are fully recorded and students and parents will have access to all of them in a secure area of our website.


  1. Assignments - Each month we set work and send it to you in the post. We expect your child to complete the questions, which are related to the seminar that has just taken place. The assessment material is sent to the students in the post. As soon as the student returns the completed material, the teacher marks the work and writes comments on the script. In addition to returning the marked script to the student by post, we also scan the marked work which we place in the student's secured area on our website where the parent can also access the material Set assignments for your child are based on past examination materials.


  1. Homework support when your child needs it! Whenever your child is finding any aspect of school or homework work difficult, either the child or the parent can contact us by phone or via a dedicated area of our website. A teacher of that specific subject will get back to you by phone within an hour. This is available seven days a week from September to June The timing is from 5pm to 9pm on Monday to Friday and from 9am to 6pm at weekends - both Saturday and Sunday. A student can seek help up to four times a month and up to 15 minutes at a time. Please see our full Terms and Conditions in the welcome pack or contact us to request it.


  1. Regular monitoring of your child's progress with reports sent to you - Silver and Gold subscription only. Providing both written and verbal feedback on a one-to-one basis to the student by phone. This is done over the phone or via a special online system.

Extra services for the Gold Programme and also
the stand-alone consultation

At the initial consultation, which you may attend with your child, the consultant will discuss your child’s progress in school and also their and your family’s aims and objectives. You can also ask questions about any issues relating to your child’s education. Your child will then sit a test in each of the key subjects he or she is taking with us.


The tests are marked and you receive a report, in the post and also by e-mail. The report will contain: the test grade and mark for each test taken; comments about each subject and recommendations for your child to improve. The comments are from an experienced teacher and also our Director of Studies. A target grade is set for each subject. Possible recommendations for future subjects, courses or career options are also made, depending on the age of your child. For GCSE, AS and A2 students on the gold membership, they will be able to also ask questions via e-mail twice a month.


Personal tutor – for the Gold programme only A personal tutor is allocated to support your child with homework help, providing one-to-one teaching three times a year at one of our centres. This happens at key periods of the academic year. Each seminar day is four hours long. Each time the work is marked, the teacher will arrange a telephone consultation with your child to go through the script, discuss and explain areas in which the student found challenging in the assignment.

Please see the subscription insert for more details.

Excel iLearn is a sister company of Excel in Key Subjects.
We have been helping teenagers to boost their GCSE and A-level exam performance since 2004.

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