Graduate Teacher English and Writer


Graduate Teacher/Assistant Teacher of English and Writer required

Use your time to transform the lives of young people

 The job

  • Teaching and assisting the teaching of English to A-level and GCSE students on Saturdays and also online teaching during weekdays
  • Writing promotional copy for motivational and promotional purposes
  • Developing English teaching resources for an online programme
  • Writing blogs and other types of articles on matters relating to education for both offline and online media
  • Editing promotional copy written by other team members
  • Involvement in offline and online promotion of revision courses

The job is for 3 to 4 days a week but must include Saturdays during term time as that is when most of the teaching aspect is done. The weekday work will be at our office located in Greenwich.


  • Someone who has an interest in education and related matters in the public domain
  • A bright young person who can write well
  • A focused and well-organised individual who is good at meeting deadlines


Either a recent graduate or a postgraduate of English.

There is a preference for someone who is well versed with the British secondary school system – someone who is likely to have gone through the British education system and achieved top exam grades, including in English.

No experience is needed as training, guidance and support will be provided. The most important requirements for the position are the quality and the enthusiasm of the individual.

About us

Excel in Key Subjects is a provider of Saturday School and Intensive Revision Courses for A-level and GCSE students. Most of our courses are held at UCL and some at Greenwich, Croydon and other locations. We are looking for an exceptional graduate or postgraduate of English. Another aspect for which a suitable candidate may be considered for is in helping to promote our courses in various media.


Remuneration starts at between £13 to £14.50 per hour, but there is the possibility of an increase within a relatively short period.

To apply, please send your CV to, putting your name and the subject you teach in the email subject heading like in this example: “Jane_Bloggs_English_Graduate_Teacher”. Please note that all enquiries for this position are by e-mail. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail and request a call back. In addition to sending your CV, also ring 020 3475 5251 (voicemail only) and follow the instructions.



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