GCSE & IGCSE Y11 & Y10

Subjects we offer at GCSE are:


English (Language & Literature)

Triple Science

Combined Science (double)




Further Maths



We have two separate year groups for GCSE – Y11 and Y10, with Y11 being the most popular year that students join us.

We encourage students to join in Y10, as this gives more time for them to make the improvement that is necessary for higher exam grades. However, joining for just for Y11 – the final year of GCSE is sufficient to help the student to improve their grade.

Y11 is usually our biggest year group, and despite the fact that we teach our students in very small groups of about five students, we still put them in set. The sets are usually according to the tier of entry – higher or foundation. It must be said that most of our students are studying the higher tier; however, there is often a minority of students who are taking the foundation tier. For those who join us earlier, they usually move up in a set or two in their school after attending our classes for a relatively short period.

For Sciences, it is based on according to Triple and Combined Science and also examination board (specification). The two main specification our students do in science subjects are AQA and EdExcel. Actually, most do AQA for Science subjects, but a minority does Edexcel. We also have IGCSE or International IGCSE students.

For Y11 Sciences, we teach the whole specification, covering all the topics, including those already covered in Y10. To ensure that we cover all the material – teaching the content and doing question-practice, we move at a high pace. In addition to the teaching in in our classes, we also set homework assignments.

For Maths, EdExcel Pearson is the most popular Maths specification among our students. However, there is a minority of students who are taking other Maths specifications such as AQA or OCR

The reason why we recommend for students to join us in Y10 is that, although the GCSE is a two-year course, about 60% of the material is already covered by the students start Y11. In schools, the final year of GCSE (Y11)  is very short due to revision and mock exams, and also the fact that teaching finishes by February or March, to allow for exam preparation.


GCSE Specifications

Maths – Edexcel Pearson is the most popular (a minority are taking other specs such as AQA and OCR)

Sciences (GCSE)– AQA is the most popular (a minority of students take other specs such as EdExcel or IGCSE).

Both Triple Science and Combined Science include Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Our Revision Courses place emphasis on developing students’ understanding of complicated concepts and teaching exam techniques. We believe that our classes are the best in London and the south East. Here are a few reasons why:

We offer: